Great with steak, chicken, turkey, pork or fish.



1 package of Fresh Sides White Potatoes, skin on - “ no peeling required
(diced, quartered)

2 Tbsp. olive oil
pinch of salt
Fresh ground pepper
1-2 Sprigs or fresh rosemary or 1 Tbsp. of dried rosemary
2-4 Cloves of fresh garlic (chopped or smashed)

Additional 2 Tbsp. of butter or margarine when mashing


1. Open the re-sealable bag, dice or quarter potatoes. Add olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary

2. Place sealed bag on microwaveable plate and microwave for 8 minutes on high.

3. Using potholders, carefully remove plate from microwave. Let rest for 1 minute. Use the cool touch panels at the top and bottom of bag for safe handling. Carefully open the seal with a fork. Place in serving bowl to mash.

4. In serving bowl add 2 Tbsp. of butter or margarine and mash or blend potatoes to desired texture. Garnish with scallion, chives, rosemary or parsley. Season with salt & pepper to taste..

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