Frquently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to prepare Fresh-Sides?

A: We recommend slicing, dicing our product, as well as cutting them into wedges or halves (no peeling required). You can also cook them whole. Cutting the product may speed up cooking time 1 minute based on cut size and microwave. Cutting will also enhance your side as the seasonings blend and coat the product with natural flavor.

Q: What type of ingredients and seasonings can I use?

A: We love creativity and encourage you to create your fresh-side with the flavors you want. Our recommended seasonings and ingredients by variety is available to help you choose your favorite flavors and recipes.

Q: Do I have to place the bag in a specific manner in the microwave?

A: We recommend laying bag flat (either side up) on microwaveable plate for best cooking results and handling

Q: Can I add leftovers to Fresh-Sides?

A: Absolutely, Fresh-Sides is perfect for adding value to your leftover cooked* meats, poultry and other proteins, as well as frozen vegetables.

    * Do not try cooking raw meats or fish with your Fresh-Sides product

Q: Where can I find Fresh-Sides in the supermarket?

A: Fresh-Sides should be located in the produce department with the potatoes and onions.

Q: Can I use Fresh-Sides to cook with other kitchen appliances?

A: No, Fresh-Sides bags are designed only for the microwave. Do not use in conventional oven, stove top, or boil in a pot.

Q: Can I cook with multiple Fresh-Side bags in the microwave at a time?

A: No, we recommend one bag at a time for best results. Solution for 2 bag cooking - Product will stay hot for 5-10 minutes in a sealed bag, and can be reheated for one minute allowing you to serve 2 hot Fresh-Sides at a time.

Q: What is the recommend methods for storing Fresh-Sides?

A: We recommend storing Fresh-Sides product(s) in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place away from direct light

Q: Do I poke holes in the bag?

A: No, Fresh-Sides bags are engineered with heat and time release valves to release excess heat and moisture.

Q: Can the bag over inflate?

A: No, Fresh-Sides bags will inflate during cooking process, but or time & heat sensitive vents will prevent over inflation.

Q: Is the material of the Fresh-Sides bag BPA free?

A: Yes

Q: Does Fresh-Sides use genetically modified produce?

A: No, None of the produce used in Fresh-Sides has been genetically modified in any way. From field to fork we let Mother Nature do the work.

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