Fresh Sides A New Way to Cook

We are a company dedicated to food safety and sustainability. All of our companies & growing partners believe in preserving and protecting the environment. You can see this with our proprietary bag and the fresh products we use.

We have a dedicated staff of trained employees implementing food-safety programs every step of the way. "From the farm to your fork", we devote time, technology, capital, and people in providing you the freshest product in a sustainable way.


Fresh-Sides is green. We think green for future generations and the overall environmental impact.

Our Green-Side

  • 40% less material in every package

  • Brown-Kraft shipping containers

  • 0 water (H2O) consumption while cooking.

  • No dishwasher or water usage for cleanup.

  • Fresh-Sides bag are recyclable

  • Our Fresh-Sides bags are BPA (Bisphenol A) Free and are non toxic and dioxin free.

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