Fresh Sides A New Way to Cook


Why Choose Fresh-Sides?

Our proprietary steam cooking process retains more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than other cooking methods. Fresh-Sides products retains flavor, color, moisture, and heat better than traditional products (canned, frozen, dehydrated, prepared foods) and are designed to be served Skin On - "No Peeling Required". Our true steam process makes our products healthier alternatives to similar products in the marketplace. Fresh-Sides do not require fatty oils and sauces.We do not lock your meal or side with predetermined processed seasonings loaded with salt, butters, and preservatives. Herbs, seasonings, and fresh ingredients are steamed into our products, creating a natural, healthy fresh side.

Fresh-Sides makes the most of oils, butters and seasonings of your choosing. Our products use up to 50% less volume of these types of ingredients. (little or no evaporation occurs with our process)

Put Fresh-Sides flavor in every dish for you and your family. They deserve home cooked flavor, nutrients, and freshness in every bite. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time for you and your family. Remember, No Pots No Pans, Quick, Easy, Healthy & Natural. That's what Fresh Sides is all about.

Quick - Easy - Healthy - Natural - Flavorful

Our packaging includes the following features:

  • Our re-sealable bag allows you to "create it your way".  Your favorite natural seasonings and ingredients can be added into your side quick and easy.
  • The Fresh-Sides packaging is engineered with a true closed steam system process, not multiple micro holes as in other products that release flavor, moisture, and nutrients.

  • Our packaging is engineered with time & heat sensitive release valves.These valves may open slightly through cooking process to evacuate steam and allow for proper cooking times

Our packaging also includes the following safety features:

  • Cool Touch Panels are located at the top and bottom of the bag

  • Our re-sealable bag eliminates the need for you to cut into a hot bag, thus preventing the risk of cuts or burns that may occur with similar products.

  • We double wash and inspect all the product in these bags, ensuring you get the best quality.

  • The bags that are used in Fresh-Sides are BPA free.

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