Fresh-Sides Red Potatoes Red Potatoes
Our red potatoes vary in color from light pink to a rosy red color depending on variety and region. Red Potatoes have smooth texture, and thin skin with great flavor.
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Great with fish, chicken, pork, beef, and lamb. Awesome in salads, soups and great with other fresh ingredients.


Yellow Potatoes
Our creamy texture yellow potatoes do not require butter, a little olive oil with a hint of your favorite herbs and seasonings make these yellow potatoes golden in color and rich with flavor.
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Mashed, smashed, soups, au gratin. Great with turkey, chicken, pork, beef, and more.


Fresh-Sides White Potatoes White Potatoes
Our all purpose White Potatoes can be round or oblong depending on the varieties and growing regions. Fluffy and creamy texture, while holding shape makes this variety versatile and tasty.
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Great with pork, chicken, fish, beef, lamb and more. Serve mashed, smashed, soups, salad, seasoned sides, great every time


Fresh-Sides White Potatoes Russet Potatoes
Our petite russets are designed to cook up quick and tasty for any meal. Russets are easy to slice, wedge, or dice and hold their shape. Serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner for your favorite side.
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Great with beef, lamb, pork, fish, eggs. Russets are a great choice all year round


Fresh-Sides Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes
Our sweets are delicious, nutritious, fat free, and full of vitamin A. The rose-golden skin and orange flesh on the inside eats like natures candy every time. Simple to serve and a great potato option to eat once a week with your meal plans.
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Great with pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish and more. Sliced, mashed, soups and salads for a nice change up.


Fresh-Sides Fingerling  Potatoes Fingerlings Potatoes
Our slender fingerling potatoes come in different shapes and lengths. Fingerlings are firm, waxy, and come in a variety of colors - red, gold, yellow, and sometimes purple. Finger sized with a handful of flavor. Gourmet texture and taste in every bite.
Fresh-SidesFresh-Sides ideas

Great with lamb, beef, fish, pork, chicken, veal, and more. Great for salads, sides, and appetizers


None of the produce used in Fresh-Sides has been genetically modified in any way.
From field to fork we let Mother Nature do the work.

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